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Storage Services

Warehousing makes it easier to receive, store and distribute the goods as all the goods are stored in a central location. This helps in reducing transportation costs and increasing the value of goods as products are available at the right place, at the right time. Various other operations such as order consolidation, assembling, mixing and cross-docking of products etc. can take place under one roof, thereby adding value to the overall logistics system.

Free Zone Warehouse

A Free-Trade Zone (FTZ) is an area with a facility where goods may be landed, stored, handled and re-exported under specific customs regulations, and generally not subject to customs duty.

Bonded Warehouse

A Bonded Warehouses is a sort of warehouse that can keep imported goods before paying customs duties on them. When corporations rent space from them, the authorities provide them with bonds to ensure that they will not lose money when their items are distributed. Companies that store products in them are exempt from paying customs until the products are released. Restricted things can also be stored in them while their documentation is completed. A bonded warehouse also has the capability of storing products for long periods of time. 

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